Pub Gifts

Gift Cards

Tavern Restaurant Group gift cards make the perfect gift for any occasion. They are valid at all of our restaurant locations and can be used like a debit card until the value has been fully redeemed. Gift cards may be purchased in person or online HERE >>

Pub Apparel

Visit our online store to purchase The Pub apparel and other merchandise.

Things To Note

If you have questions, please email us here.

Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm. If you require assistance outside of office hours, please contact your local Pub by phone at 615-678-4840.

Thank you!

Mug Club

There’s a $25 annual membership fee with the following benefits:

  • 50¢ discount on full-priced Imperial Pints.
  • Complimentary Entree for your Birthday.
  • Exclusive specials and invitations throughout the year.
  • Drink from an exclusive Mug Club mug that’s always waiting behind the bar of any Pub location.

Membership benefits are redeemable at all Pub locations. Mug Club members will receive a special membership card that they must present with their photo ID upon ordering. Mug Club discount cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions.

BIRTHDAY MEAL: You can enjoy your Birthday entree at any time throughout month of your Birthday. Just present your ID and Mug Club card to your server or bartender.

Get Started: Mug Club memberships are only available for purchase at The Pub. Visit your neighborhood location to purchase a membership today.

Pub Passport Program

The Pub Beer Passport Program is for dedicated beer drinker or those who enjoy the adventure of trying something new. The passport experience gives you the opportunity to try beers from a variety of countries including hand craft selections from The States.
Our program includes two levels.

First Level: You will drink 68 beers from your home Pub or surrounding Pub locations to fulfill the first level. Once completed, you will become a “World Beer Traveler” and enjoy a $1.00 discount on Imperial Pints.

Second Level: To achieve the second level and become a “Premier Pub Traveler”, you will need to visit each of our open Pub locations in addition to drinking the 68 beers. Once you have accomplished this mission, you will receive a $1.50 discount on Imperial Pints and a personalized Pub fleece jacket.

Guinness Challenge: You will need to drink 24 pints of Guinness, 12 pints of Smithwick’s and 12 pints of Harp to complete this challenge (but not in one sitting).

Upon completion you will receive a special reward.

Pub Passports are only available for purchase at The Pub. Visit your neighborhood location to purchase a Pub Passport today.